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Restoring Your Health and Mobility in Boulder

The purpose of corrective care, also known as rehabilitative care, is to restore spinal mobility, integrity, and health as much as possible as well as to relieve pain and suffering.

Symptoms are usually the last to appear and the first to go away, and it is at this point that true correction/healing begins.

This is how our body allows us to push through so many issues without us even knowing. When patients choose corrective care over simple symptom relief, there is a good chance they will be coming in for treatment while they are not experiencing any symptoms. This does not make much sense in the traditional healthcare model where symptom management is king, but in the chiropractic model, it makes total sense.

Our bodies may be symptom-free and functioning at only 50%, but healing is in full swing. Corrective care will continue as long as periodic progress exams show that progress is still being made.

Benefits of Corrective Care

Chiropractors find and treat subluxations (misalignments) found in our bodies to ensure that we function at the highest optimal state.

Corrective chiropractic care is great for:

  • Better Posture
  • Improved Sleep
  • Spinal Curve Correction
  • Symptom Reduction/Removal
  • Reduced Spinal Stress

Once maximal improvement/correction is reached, then a transition to maintenance care is recommended.

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