Keep This In Mind For Summertime

Keep This In Mind For Summertime In Boulder

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We all know summer activities in Boulder create some of our most cherished memories. On top of all the outdoor activities, having the best summer is includes staying fit and healthy too. Here are some things to consider while you’re having fun in the sun!

Stay Hydrated in Boulder

Drink plenty of water. As you arise each morning and before going to bed in the evenings drink plenty of fluids to kickstart and end your day. It is easier to get dehydrated in warm summer months, especially when exercising or playing sports outside. Drink water before heading outside to prevent dehydration. Try to shoot for 10x 8 ounces each day. Add some flavor drops or packets or infuse it with fresh fruit to add some variety.


Whether you are on the mountain, taking a hike, on the beach lying in the sand, or at the pool with friends, it’s important to remember to protect your skin from overexposure. Getting Lather up with adequate SPF and stay away from those that contain free of PABA, OMC, 4-MBC, Benzophenone-3, or Homosalate which have been linked to an increased risk for skin cancer. If you do get sunburned try aloe vera for natural relief.

Use natural remedies

Essential oils are great deterrents for pesky biting insects and are free of harmful chemicals. Some essential oils are even known to keep insects away from the home. Adding specific plants around your house can also help keep annoying pests at bay. Try looking online or on Pinterest for ideas to keep the bugs away without having to use harsh chemicals.

Protect your vision

At work and at play, wear protective eyewear. Sunglasses that block out ultraviolet A and B rays when outside. Cataracts and wrinkles around your eyes can be prevented by wearing sunglasses outside. When doing tasks such as mowing the lawn, wear protective eyewear.

Daily exercise

Get out and move, especially when the cold, icy weather of winter is a valid reason for not getting out as much. Now that summer is here, there is no excuse! Hiking, biking, running, and walking are all great ways to boost energy and fitness levels. Try something new, consider early morning gardening or visiting local parks to get out the door and enjoy nature. Yoga is also a great way of creating a low-impact movement to help your joints and muscles be flexible and stretched. If you can

Eat Healthy

Support local farmers while getting the freshest produce and products for your health too! Farmer’s markets are open and buzzing this time of year. Treat your family and yourself to fresh organic fruits, veggies, honey, and herbs. Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables if that is within your capabilities. And if you do go to the regular supermarkets, if you can afford to, grow or purchase fresh produce organically.

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